15 Best Places to Visit in Alicante

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15 Best Places to Visit in Alicante

Experience the charm and beauty of Alicante, a sparkling gem on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

Known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant nightlife, Alicante offers something for every traveler.

Explore the historic Santa Bárbara Castle, perched high above the city with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Stroll along the Explanada de España, a picturesque promenade lined with palm trees and lively cafés.

With its mix of cultural attractions, modern amenities, and beautiful coastal scenery, Alicante promises a delightful and memorable visit.

Best Places to Visit in Alicante

Here are some of the best places to explore in this captivating city.

1. Castell de Santa Bàrbara

Perched atop Mount Benacantil, the Castell de Santa Bàrbara is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain and a prominent landmark in Alicante.

This ancient castle dates back to the 9th century, with significant expansions during the 16th century.

Visitors can explore its impressive ramparts, dungeons, and towers while enjoying panoramic views of Alicante, the coastline, and the surrounding mountains.

The castle’s history is brought to life through informative displays and exhibits, making it a fascinating journey through Alicante’s past.

Access to the castle is available via a scenic walk, a lift from Postiguet Beach, or a short drive.

Location: Castillo de Santa Bárbara, 03002 Alicante, Spanyol.

2. Archaeological Museum of Alicante

Archaeological Museum of Alicante
Photo: X/MediterraneanLetting

The Archaeological Museum of Alicante, known as MARQ, offers a captivating journey through the region’s history from prehistoric times to the modern era.

Housed in a beautifully restored hospital building, the museum features interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations that bring history to life.

Highlights include artifacts from the Iberian, Roman, and Moorish periods, as well as displays on medieval and contemporary Alicante.

The museum’s innovative approach and rich collection make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and curious travelers alike.

Location: Pl. Dr. Gómez Ulla, S/N, 03013 Alacant, Alicante, Spain

3. Mercat Central d’Alacant

The Mercat Central d’Alacant is a bustling and vibrant market located in the heart of the city.

Housed in a beautiful modernist building dating back to 1921, the market is a sensory delight, with colorful stalls offering fresh produce, seafood, meats, cheeses, and local delicacies.

The lively atmosphere, combined with the friendly vendors and the aroma of freshly baked goods and spices, creates an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Visitors can sample traditional Spanish tapas, purchase local products, and immerse themselves in the daily life of Alicante.

Location: Av. Alfonso El Sabio, nº 10, 03004 Alicante, Spanyol.

4. San Juan Playa

San Juan Playa is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Alicante. Stretching over 7 kilometers along the Mediterranean coast, this sandy beach offers crystal-clear waters, golden sands, and a wide range of amenities.

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The beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying various water sports.

The promenade is lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it a lively spot for both relaxation and entertainment.

San Juan Playa is easily accessible by public transport and provides a perfect escape for a day of sun and sea.

Location: Alicante, Spanyol.

5. Cocatedral de Sant Nicolau de Bari

Cocatedral de Sant Nicolau de Bari
Photo: Google Maps/Gon

The Cocatedral de Sant Nicolau de Bari, or the Co-Cathedral of Saint Nicholas of Bari, is a beautiful example of Spanish Baroque architecture.

Located in the historic center of Alicante, this 17th-century cathedral is dedicated to the city’s patron saint.

The interior is adorned with intricate altarpieces, stunning frescoes, and a majestic dome that fills the space with natural light.

The peaceful cloister and the chapel of the Holy Communion are particularly noteworthy.

The cathedral’s serene atmosphere and architectural beauty make it a must-visit for those exploring Alicante’s religious and cultural heritage.

Location: Plaza de, Pl. del Abad Penalva, 2, 03002 Alicante, Spain

6. Teatre Principal d’Alacant

The Teatre Principal d’Alacant is the main theater of Alicante, offering a rich program of cultural events, including opera, ballet, theater, and concerts.

Opened in 1847, this elegant theater features neoclassical architecture with a beautifully decorated auditorium and excellent acoustics.

The theater’s grand interior, with its plush seating and ornate details, creates a luxurious ambiance for enjoying performances.

Whether attending a show or simply admiring the building, the Teatre Principal d’Alacant is a cultural gem in the heart of the city.

Location: Pl. Ruperto Chapí, s/n, 03001 Alacant, Alicante, Spanyol.

7. Parc Lo Morant

Parc Lo Morant is the largest park in Alicante, offering a lush green space for relaxation and recreation.

Covering over 12 hectares, the park features beautifully landscaped gardens, walking paths, playgrounds, and sports facilities.

Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll, have a picnic, or engage in various outdoor activities.

The park also hosts cultural events and festivals throughout the year, adding to its vibrant atmosphere.

Parc Lo Morant is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy nature in the midst of the city.

Location: C. Vicente Alexandre, s/n, 03011 Alacant, Alicante, Spanyol.

8. Parc El Palmeral

Parc El Palmeral
Photo: Instagram/Alessio Bonacina

Parc El Palmeral is a lush and picturesque park located on the outskirts of Alicante.

Known for its extensive collection of palm trees, the park offers a tranquil oasis with beautifully landscaped gardens, winding paths, and scenic ponds.

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Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the park’s small lakes, relax in the shaded picnic areas, or explore the park’s playgrounds and sports facilities.

The park also features a charming waterfall and various spots perfect for a leisurely stroll.

Parc El Palmeral is a wonderful place to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy nature’s serenity.

Location: Avinguda d’Elx, 109, 03008 Alacant, Alicante, Spain

9. El Mundo de los Niños

El Mundo de los Niños is a family-friendly amusement park in Alicante designed specifically for children.

The park features a variety of rides and attractions, including mini roller coasters, carousels, bumper cars, and play areas.

With its fun and safe environment, El Mundo de los Niños is an ideal spot for families looking to entertain young children.

The park also offers food stalls and seating areas, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination for a family day out.

Location: Av. de Loring, s/n, 03001 Alicante, Spanyol.

10. Fonts de l’Algar

Located a short drive from Alicante, Fonts de l’Algar is a stunning natural site featuring a series of beautiful waterfalls and crystal-clear pools.

Nestled in a lush, green valley, this natural park offers visitors the opportunity to swim in refreshing waters, hike along scenic trails, and enjoy the serene beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The area is well-equipped with picnic spots, restaurants, and facilities for a comfortable visit.

Fonts de l’Algar is a perfect destination for nature lovers and those looking to escape the heat and enjoy a day of adventure and relaxation.

Location: CV-715, s/n, 03510 Callosa d’en Sarrià, Alicante, Spanyol.

11. Atalaya Castle

Atalaya Castle
Photo: X/Tom Lígr

Atalaya Castle, also known as Castillo de la Atalaya, is a historic fortress located in the town of Villena, a short distance from Alicante.

This impressive castle, perched on a hilltop, dates back to the 12th century and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Visitors can explore the castle’s well-preserved towers, walls, and dungeons while learning about its fascinating history through informative displays.

The castle’s strategic location and historical significance make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts and those interested in medieval architecture.

Location: Plaza de las Embajadas, s/n, 03400 Villena, Alicante, Spain

12. Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola

Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola is a historic fortress located in the coastal town of Santa Pola, south of Alicante.

Built in the 16th century to defend against pirate attacks, the fortress now houses a maritime museum and an aquarium.

Visitors can explore the castle’s courtyards, battlements, and exhibits showcasing the region’s maritime history and marine life.

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The castle also hosts cultural events and festivals throughout the year, adding to its vibrant atmosphere.

Its coastal location and historical charm make Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola a fascinating destination.

Location: Plaça de la Glorieta, s/n, 03130 Santa Pola, Alicante, Spanyol.

13. Playa de Mutxavista

Playa de Mutxavista
Photo: Google Maps/Javier Ferrandiz

Playa de Mutxavista is a stunning beach located just north of Alicante, offering a long stretch of golden sand and clear blue waters.

This well-maintained beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.

The beach is lined with a promenade featuring cafes, restaurants, and shops, making it a lively spot for both relaxation and entertainment.

Playa de Mutxavista’s clean waters, excellent facilities, and family-friendly atmosphere make it one of the most popular beaches in the Alicante area.

Location: Spanish

14. Platja de Llevant

Platja de Llevant, also known as Levante Beach, is one of the most famous and lively beaches in Benidorm, a short drive from Alicante.

This bustling beach offers fine golden sand, clear waters, and a wide range of amenities, including sunbeds, showers, and beach bars.

The beach is popular for its vibrant atmosphere, water sports activities, and lively promenade lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Platja de Llevant is perfect for those looking to enjoy a fun and energetic beach experience in a dynamic and tourist-friendly environment.

Location: Platja de Llevant, Alicante, Spanyol.

15. Aquopolis Torrevieja

Aquopolis Torrevieja
Photo: X/Aquopolis Torrevieja 

Aquopolis Torrevieja is a large water park located in the coastal town of Torrevieja, south of Alicante.

The park features a wide variety of water attractions, including thrilling slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and children’s play areas.

With its extensive range of rides and activities, Aquopolis Torrevieja offers fun and excitement for visitors of all ages.

The park also provides dining options, picnic areas, and relaxation zones, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Aquopolis Torrevieja is an excellent destination for families and water enthusiasts looking to cool off and have fun in the sun.

Location: Av. Delfina Viudes, s/n, 03183 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain


Alicante is a city that beautifully combines its rich history with a lively modern atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

From exploring ancient castles and museums to enjoying vibrant markets and beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone in this Mediterranean gem.

Whether you’re a history buff, a beach lover, or a cultural enthusiast, Alicante promises an unforgettable experience.

Its welcoming atmosphere, diverse attractions, and scenic beauty make it a must-visit destination on Spain’s Costa Blanca.

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