15 Best Places to Visit in Frankfurt

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Best Places to Visit in Frankfurt
Photo: Unsplash/Mika Baumeister

Frankfurt, a dynamic metropolis in the heart of Germany, is a city that effortlessly combines modernity with tradition.

Known for its impressive skyline, vibrant cultural scene, and historical landmarks, Frankfurt offers a rich tapestry of experiences for visitors.

Whether you’re interested in art, history, nature, or cuisine, this bustling city has something to captivate every traveler.

Best Places to Visit in Frankfurt

Here’s a guide to some of the best places to visit in Frankfurt.

1. Städel Museum

The Städel Museum, one of Germany’s most important art museums, boasts an extensive collection that spans over 700 years of European art.

Founded in 1815, the museum features works by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Monet, and Picasso.

The Städel is also home to an impressive collection of contemporary art, providing a comprehensive overview of artistic development from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Visitors can explore the museum’s vast galleries and participate in various educational programs and special exhibitions.

Location: Schaumainkai 63, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

2. Alte Oper

Alte Oper
Photo: Unsplash/Hanna Theresia Pitter

The Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s historic opera house, is a stunning architectural gem that dates back to 1880.

Although it was heavily damaged during World War II, the Alte Oper was meticulously rebuilt and reopened in 1981.

Today, it serves as a premier concert hall and cultural venue, hosting a wide range of performances, including classical concerts, operas, ballets, and contemporary music events.

The elegant façade and grand interiors of the Alte Oper make it a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts and performing arts lovers alike.

Location: Opernpl. 1, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

3. Palmengarten Frankfurt

Palmengarten Frankfurt, one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany, offers a lush oasis in the heart of the city.

Established in 1871, the garden covers 22 hectares and features a diverse collection of plants from around the world.

Visitors can explore various themed gardens, including the rose garden, the tropical greenhouse, and the cactus garden.

The Palmengarten also hosts seasonal flower shows, educational programs, and outdoor concerts, providing a serene and enriching experience for nature lovers and families.

Location: Palmengarten der Stadt, Siesmayerstraße 63, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

4. Kleinmarkthalle

Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt’s bustling indoor market, is a paradise for food enthusiasts.

Located in the city center, this vibrant market features over 60 stalls offering a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, and international specialties.

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Visitors can sample local delicacies such as Frankfurt sausages, green sauce (Grüne Soße), and freshly baked pretzels.

The market’s lively atmosphere and diverse culinary offerings make it an ideal spot to experience the flavors of Frankfurt and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Location: Hasengasse 5-7, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

5. Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral, officially known as the Imperial Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew (Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus), is a Gothic masterpiece that dominates the city’s skyline.

The cathedral has a rich history, serving as the coronation site for Holy Roman Emperors for centuries.

Visitors can admire the cathedral’s impressive architecture, including its towering spire, intricate stained glass windows, and ornate altars.

Climbing the cathedral’s tower offers breathtaking views of Frankfurt and the surrounding area, making it a highlight for history and architecture enthusiasts.

Location: Domplatz 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

6. Römerberg

Photo: Unsplash/Markus Spiske

Römerberg, the historic heart of Frankfurt, is a picturesque square that has been the city’s main hub for centuries.

Surrounded by beautifully restored half-timbered houses, Römerberg exudes old-world charm and serves as a focal point for many of Frankfurt’s cultural and social events.

The square is home to the Römer, the city hall that dates back to the 15th century, and the Fountain of Justice (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen), a symbol of justice and fairness.

Visitors can explore the quaint streets, visit the Historical Museum, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this iconic square.

Location: Römerberg 26, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

7. Zoo Frankfurt

Zoo Frankfurt, one of the oldest zoological gardens in Germany, offers an exciting adventure for animal lovers and families.

Established in 1858, the zoo is home to over 4,500 animals representing around 500 species.

Highlights include the Borgori Forest, an impressive ape house, the Exotarium with its diverse collection of reptiles and fish, and the Grzimek House, which features nocturnal animals.

The zoo’s focus on conservation and education makes it a fun and informative experience for visitors of all ages.

Location: Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

8. Goethe House

Goethe House
Photo: Instagram/Hyein Cha

Goethe House is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Germany’s most famous writer.

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This beautifully restored house offers a glimpse into Goethe’s early life and the environment that inspired many of his works.

Visitors can explore the period-furnished rooms, including Goethe’s study, where he wrote his early masterpieces.

The adjacent Goethe Museum showcases a collection of manuscripts, letters, and artworks related to the writer, providing a comprehensive overview of his life and contributions to literature.

Location: Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

9. Senckenberg Nature Museum

The Senckenberg Nature Museum is one of the most significant natural history museums in Europe.

It boasts an extensive collection of exhibits related to paleontology, geology, biology, and anthropology.

Highlights include the impressive dinosaur skeletons, a vast collection of fossils, and detailed dioramas of various ecosystems.

The museum’s interactive exhibits and hands-on activities make it an engaging experience for both adults and children, offering insights into the natural world and its history.

Location: Senckenberganlage 25, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

10. Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

The Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt is a leading exhibition space for contemporary and modern art.

Located in the heart of the city, the Schirn hosts a dynamic program of temporary exhibitions featuring works by both established and emerging artists.

The gallery’s innovative and thought-provoking displays cover a wide range of artistic styles and movements, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

The Schirn’s central location also makes it easy to combine with visits to other nearby attractions.

Location: Römerberg, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

11. German Film Museum

German Film Museum
Photo: Google Maps/Edwin Michael Petrat

The German Film Museum (Deutsches Filmmuseum) offers a fascinating journey through the history of cinema.

Located on the banks of the Main River, the museum features exhibits on the development of film technology, notable films and directors, and the cultural impact of cinema.

Interactive displays allow visitors to explore the filmmaking process, from scriptwriting and set design to special effects and editing.

The museum also hosts film screenings and special events, making it a hub for film lovers.

Location: Schaumainkai 41, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

12. Historisches Museum Frankfurt

The Historisches Museum Frankfurt provides a comprehensive overview of the city’s history from its medieval origins to the present day.

The museum’s diverse exhibits include artifacts, photographs, and interactive displays that illustrate Frankfurt’s development over the centuries.

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Highlights include the Frankfurt Model, a detailed scale model of the city, and the permanent exhibition “Frankfurt Once?,” which explores the city’s history through personal stories and objects.

The museum’s engaging presentations make it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Location: Saalhof 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

13. Bethmann Park

Bethmann Park
Photo: Pexels/Masood Aslami

Bethmann Park is a tranquil oasis in the heart of Frankfurt, offering a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

This beautifully landscaped park features manicured lawns, flowerbeds, and a charming Chinese Garden, complete with traditional pavilions, bridges, and a pond.

Bethmann Park is an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or simply relaxing amidst nature.

The park’s serene atmosphere and lush greenery make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Location: Friedberger Landstraße 8, 60316 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

14. Grüneburg Park

Grüneburg Park is one of Frankfurt’s largest and most popular green spaces.

Located in the Westend district, the park covers 29 hectares and features expansive lawns, shaded groves, and winding pathways.

Visitors can enjoy jogging, cycling, or simply relaxing in this picturesque setting.

The park is also home to the Palmengarten, which houses an impressive collection of exotic plants.

Grüneburg Park’s serene environment and beautiful landscapes make it a perfect spot for outdoor activities and family outings.

Location: August-Siebert-Straße 22, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

15. Saalburg

Photo: Pixabay/Rgp

Saalburg, located just outside Frankfurt, is a meticulously reconstructed Roman fort and an archaeological park.

This unique site offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of Roman soldiers and civilians along the Limes, the ancient frontier of the Roman Empire.

Visitors can explore the fort’s impressive ramparts, gates, and buildings, including a museum that showcases artifacts discovered in the area.

The Saalburg also hosts reenactments, workshops, and educational programs, making it an engaging destination for history enthusiasts and families.

Location: Saalburg 1, 61350 Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany


Frankfurt is a city of contrasts, where the old meets the new, and tradition blends seamlessly with innovation. Each of these attractions offers a unique perspective on the city’s rich heritage and vibrant contemporary culture.

Whether you’re exploring world-class museums, enjoying culinary delights at local markets, or simply soaking in the historic charm of Römerberg, Frankfurt promises a memorable and enriching experience for every visitor.

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