With all the headaches that go along with planning the perfect wedding, it’s a real challenge to take all the pieces and make them all fit together in a harmonious way. Both of you have managed to do ok in this regard, but there is a universal weakness between the two of you on one central aspect: the honeymoon.

Travel planning is a nerve wracking endeavor for both you and your future spouse, as you would rather have a tour company take care of all the particulars, leaving you to enjoy your destination without having to wrestle with the logistics of movement. Now, shuttling around a region on a tour bus is far from being a romantic way to spend your honeymoon … good thing there’s an alluring plan B.

Not only is everything handled, from accommodations to dining and of course transportation, you get there in style, from champagne and strawberries when shoving off at your port of origin, to 5-star dining along the way, and in many cases, special suites that will deliver you to dream destinations like royalty.

So which cruise itineraries are virtually certain to deliver a cruise honeymoon worthy of this intensely romantic holiday? The three routes listed below will come close to meeting your lofty expectations…

1. Australia → New Caledonia → Fiji → Vanuatu

This common cruise line itinerary takes in the best of the western islands of tropical Oceania. New Caledonia offers up the Isle of Pines, an island with blinding white sand beaches, and just as many fragrant pine trees as the palm trees typically associated with this region of the world, while Fiji will surprise with its remarkably diverse cultural background.

Also included in this circuit is Vanuatu, which was featured in reality TV stalwart Survivor. With water that practically glows and refreshing waterfalls in the interior, you’ll want to get stranded here on purpose just like in the movie Blue Lagoon.

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2. Italy → Greece → Montenegro → Croatia

The refined culture and the aesthetic of a civilization that dates back over 2,000 years is also quite attractive to many people, so a cruise through the former stomping grounds of the Roman Empire will prove to be popular with many honeymooners. The history, cuisine and the architecture of Italy will be the draw card in the opening days of this sailing, with the party hearty Greek islands injecting a little joie de vivre halfway throughout your itinerary.

Stops in Montenegro and Croatia will open your eyes to a portion of Europe that has been unheralded in the travel media (but holds plenty of stunning mountains and coastal inlets, to go with UNESCO recognized historical sites), before your cruise ends in style in Venice, a city that practically bleeds romance.

3. Florida, USA → Bahamas → British Virgin Islands → US Virgin Islands

Of all your cruising options, the most classic trip of all is the time tested passage through the Eastern Caribbean, sailing through some of the most picture perfect waters in the global tropics. The Bahamas is close to the U.S., but offers a refreshing change of pace from the go-go way of life on the mainland, while the British and US Virgin Islands offer killer opportunities for birdwatching and duty-free shopping.