The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Family Travel

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Family Travel

Summertime is approaching again, and as ever hundreds of thousands of families are planning their holidays together and wondering what the season might hold in store for them. There are lots of things to be wary of when it comes to travelling with kids, so it’s worth considering these points before you set out on your latest holiday adventure.

The Ugly

We’ll start with some of the truly bad stuff about going away in a family group. Anyone who’s travelled anywhere with young children will know that getting them through the trip is something of an achievement in itself. Even going to the supermarket with kids in tow can be a trauma so when you factor in a long drive to an airport, waiting at the terminal then the flight itself. That doesn’t even factor in delays.

There are plenty of places that families can enjoy a break without adding the additional pressure of long-haul travel. Somewhere that’s within driving distance for families with cars can mean breaks as regularly as the kids need and journeys short enough to preserve mum and dad’s sanity!

If you decide that you still want to get away from it all on a trip abroad there are ways to minimise the pain of travelling and ensure you get the most out of your break. Pack plenty of things to keep the kids occupied on the road and in the air, take snacks to make sure no-one gets the hungry tantrums and take what’s needed to get nap times whenever the opportunity arises.

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The Bad

Although there’s a whole industry that’s built up around family tourism, if you choose to go off the package holiday track you can find yourself somewhat out on a limb. Kids Clubs and the like provide an easy option for families with children who need holiday entertainment but if you choose to go it alone it might be a bit trickier to find things you can do with the family.

Some planning ahead can make all the difference when getting away with young kids. Talk to fellow travellers and find out what the facilities for children are like and how the locals react to having children around. Do some research into things you can do together, make sure you take into account the climate and the impact this is going to have on wilting your little flowers and don’t over-commit yourselves.

The Good

Without the pressures of school runs, work schedules and extra-curricular activities you and the family can spend some time enjoying each others’ company rather than getting frazzled. A well-planned holiday with plenty of time for rest and play will give you all chance to recharge your batteries and prepare you for a return to the old routine.

Great holidays live on forever in the memory and it’s often the simple things that are most fondly remembered. Whether it’s learning to swim with mum and dad in the pool, beach-combing or enjoying an ice-cream by the sea, having a good time doesn’t mean spending lots of money or putting in huge amounts of planning.

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Final Word

Family holidays, with a little planning, can be a source of fun and joy that you and your children will always remember. While it’s not necessary to plan everything down to the letter, putting a little thought into what you want to do and where you want to go can make the difference between a happy holiday and a family fiasco.

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