How To Find Out About Air Fare Discounts

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How To Find Out About Air Fare Discounts

Finding the best deal on airfare requires a bit of legwork. Generally the process consists of two similar tasks. One involves using the power of travel related search engines and the other concerns signing up for electronic alerts from specific airlines to learn about airfare discounts. Of course, the alternative is to just luck into a low price, which is always something of a gamble. However, by doing a bit of research and having flexible travel plans, those low priced airline tickets can be found with little difficulty. Unfortunately, the issue of paying baggage fees and other assorted a la carte items that the airline industry has embraced is something that is pretty much unavoidable.

Travel Search Engines

Search engines and websites dedicated to travel, like Orbitz, Expedia,, and more, constantly monitor the ever changing world of airline ticket prices. These systems keep track of the rates day and night without fail, which is a process that a normal shopper would not be capable of. By using the automated alert features that these sites provide, potential travelers can set alerts by date, city, or even specific destination. These tools greatly simplify the planning process when put to use. In addition, many of these services have apps dedicated to tablets and smart phones, which keeps them right at the fingertips of shoppers.

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Airline Specific Promotions

Loyalty is actually a welcome commodity in the travel industry. Therefore, flyers that maintain a reward points or frequent flyer account with a specific airline should also sign up for alerts from that airline. Many companies offer special limited time promotions that are not available to the general public. In many cases the perks are offered only to members of a specific program. Often these ultra-low fares have book by dates and other restrictions place upon them, but anyone looking for a cheap flight should at least utilize the resource.

Flexible Travel Plans

Building upon the limited time, book by, or travel by restriction is the concept of flexible travel plans. Prices per seat often fluctuate on the specific day of travel. The day has little to do with the date, except around holidays, but a lot more to do with the day of the week. Wednesday flights are usually cheaper than Sunday flights simply because of demand. Therefore, having a few dates to choose from can save a lot of money. Plus, flexibility in destinations can also provide some serious leverage when taking advantage of low prices.

All things considered, simply using the resources that are available can lead to scoring an advantageous low priced airfare. Since shopping and monitoring prices can be automated, as long as the travelers have some flexibility there are always some deals for the taking. Granted, the length of flight and number of layovers still has a lot of impact on the price, but attractive airfares and special offers are something that pops up on a regular basis. The trick is being notified when prices on a desired route drop in order to take advantage of it.

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