How To Get Your Kids Involved In Vacation Planning

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How To Get Your Kids Involved In Vacation Planning

If you want your kids to enjoy your vacation it’s vital to get them involved in the planning. When kids are presented with several options and allowed (or think they’re allowed) to help decide on where everyone is going they are much more likely to enjoy vacation, no matter what their age.

The easiest way to do this is to present two to three options and talk them up. Tell the kids the pros and the cons of the places selected and allow them some time to really consider what they want to do.

Kids should know what each potential venue has to offer and how they can enjoy the time. It might be an amusement park, a water park, a camping area or the like. As long as the kids feel that their opinion and needs are heard they will go along with it. Consider allowing them to bring a friend along as well. Often this is all that it takes for kids to really want to go on vacation with mom and dad.

Don’t stop there however, take the time to order some brochures, look information up on the Internet and show the kids what they can do while they are there. When kids can see colorful pictures of others having fun they are much more likely to choose the most exciting place in the list you give them.

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Consider historical locations that they might be fascinated by. Consider large cities and smaller areas. Locate yourselves in one area and branch out in and around the area to find things that might be fun and exciting to do. It’s amazing how quickly the kids will get on board if they are allowed to help in the planning.

Just because an idea doesn’t sound as fun to you doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. Take the time to explain to the kids that you’ll be more than happy to let them do that, as long as they are willing to do a few things that you would like to do as well.

By remaining objective and open minded you’ll find that a happy medium can easily be reached and everyone will have a great time. Be sure to plan for stops along the way as well. There is nothing worse than having a car full of grumpy kids. Plan exciting and interesting stops along the way so that they can get out and stretch. The more stops the better, remember, this is vacation so you’re not in a hurry. As long as the location you’re going to is reachable within your time limits it’s all good.

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Be sure to plan for some stops on the way home as well. Kids often get restless in cars and you’ll be glad you could get them out and moving a few times for the break. Enjoy vacations with your kids while they’re young and when they are older maybe they’ll invite you along on some of their family vacations. The more you involve them in the planning, the more likely they are to go along willingly.

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