For many families, taking a vacation is a long standing tradition. Family vacations are also a great opportunity for creating beautiful memories for your family. For some families, family vacation includes whining children, screaming toddlers and exhausted parents. Therefore, you need to consider some few things when you are travelling with children especially toddlers. Try some of these travelling tips so that you can keep your child healthy when going on a family vacation.

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

To keep your child healthy, stock your car with healthy foods and avoid junk food and sugary snacks. Too much sugar may make your child become hyperactive. The exercise energy from sugary snacks will turn your car into a madhouse since your child will have no place to go. Try some of these snacks on your next vacation.

  • Cheese sticks: They are full of protein. Buy a variety of cheese sticks so that your child can unravel as he/she eats
  • Fresh fruits: Fruits are full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. Remember to bring along towels and small trash bags for peels.
  • Jerky: it is ideal if your child is old enough to manage a piece of jerky. Jerky rich in proteins takes a long time to eat, keeping your child quiet in the car.

Beat the Heat

There are few things you need to remember about keeping your child healthy when it’s hot. Give your child plenty of water and apply sunscreen frequently. You also need to give your child healthy, hydrated snacks like cut-up veggies and fresh juice. Never leave your child alone in the vehicle since the heat inside can rise to dangerous levels very fast on a hot day.

Be alert about your child exposure to the sun. Your child can get sunburned through car windows. If your child is not protected from the sun, the heat can lead to skin or eye damage. If your child is one year or older, use a sunscreen barrier that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

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Give Multivitamins

According to many pediatricians, a healthy diet is the best source of vitamins for children. However, a multivitamin can be of great help if your child’s eating habits changes. Since the eating habits of your child will change when you embark on your vacation, it is advisable to give the child a multivitamin a few weeks before the trip.

Make Time for Rest

Travelling can be very exhausting, especially for your children. Some parents try to make the most of every day of their vacation. This means that no one is getting enough time to sleep which can be very unhealthy for small children.

Wash Hands – A Lot

Ensure your child wash his or her hands after visiting the bathroom and before any meal. If you are using public transports, make sure you have a hand sanitizer.

Be prepared for any Emergency

Remember to carry an emergency kit in case your child gets injured or get sick. Always have your doctor’s number in the event of any serious emergency.