How To Pack Your Clothes

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How To Pack Your Clothes

You can pack your a lot of your clothes into a standard carry-on with a bit of planning and simple storage techniques. Sometimes, people tend to over-pack. This is a rookie mistake. It can be a costly mistake as well. Your free carry-on can become a $25 checked bag. These are some of the things you can bring with you depending on how you will need to dress:

  • Shirts or dresses – You should pack fewer than the total number of days in the trip. You can wear the same outfit back that you wore when you first left. This will save two days of clothing.
  • Shoes – You can pack two pair of casual shoes. Those casual shoes can be a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. A formal pair of shoes can be packed as well.
  • Pants – A pair of jeans can also be packed for every other day. You can pack slacks as needed.
  • Unmentionables – You also need to pack a clean pair of socks, underwear, and undershirts for everyday.

The weather needs to be checked for the destination you are traveling to before you start packing. The real challenge begins after you have decided what you are going wear. This challenge is cramming the clothes into the suitcase. You can fold or roll your clothes. Folded clothes tend not to wrinkle. There is more space taken up by this method. Rolled clothes will wrinkle if you pack them incorrectly. This method takes up less space. You should use both methods.

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Cotton, wool, and knits are soft, wrinkle free materials that can be rolled. You should keep the roll tight. Loose rolling can cause wrinkles in any kind of material. Starched garments should always be folded. Thees types of garments include shirts and dressier items. Here is how you pack your suitcase with clothes and other items:

  • Lay your suitcase flat and open it.
  • Pack as many undergarments and socks into your shoes as you can. Place the shoes in the bottom of the bag. This is the first layer.
  • Lay down a layer of heavier rolled items on top of your shoes. These items can be jeans, sweaters, etc. Pack them as tightly as you can. This prevents the rolls from unrolling during the trip. It also minimizes wasted space.
  • If there are any fragile items that are not being brought in the carry-on, put them in the center of the bag. These items will go on top of the heavy roll layer. This will protect the items from breaking.
  • Undergarments and t-shirts should be the next layer of rolled items. These are the lighter items. They should be tightly packed so they do not unroll.
  • The folded items are the next layer. This will give you easy access to them when you arrive to your destination. These folded items can also be placed in a dry cleaner bag. This will prevent wrinkling.
  • If you have any extra lightweight items such as socks, belts, and underwear, you should cram them into any available nook to help stabilize the packing.
  • You can put your toiletry bag on top of the folded layer. After that, close the suitcase lid and you are done packing your items.
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