How To Prevent Jet Lag

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How To Prevent Jet Lag

Travel is important for work and play, but traveling across time zones can become rather tiring and overwhelming. Considering jet lag affects millions of people worldwide, learning the best ways to prevent this tiring, sick, and dreadful problem is smart. Using these tips, you can prevent jet lag and enjoy your travel experience.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Following a healthy diet is essential for your health and wellness, but it is also important for preventing the dreadful jet lag when traveling. Eat a healthy meal before your flight and ensure you are drinking enough water to stay hydrated. By eating well, your body will have a more pleasant transition from one time zone to another. While on your flight, be sure to drink water and avoid alcohol, soda, and juices. Water is the best beverage for staying hydrated. The sugar in other beverages will affect your mood and decrease your chances of falling asleep while on flight.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

If you are flying out early in the morning, be sure to get a great night’s sleep beforehand. The average person is unable to get even 6 hours of sleep each night, but 8 hours or more are best the night before your flight to prevent a severe case of jet lag.

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If possible, begin altering your sleep patterns a week before your trip to ensure your body is ready for the change. This can be difficult if you are working the week before your vacation, but it is possible to change up your bedtimes by an hour or more. This small change results in a huge decrease in jet lag.

Turn Back or Foward the Hands of Time

A day before your flight, change the time on your watch to get your body and mind ready for the upcoming time change. Of course, be sure to use your phone while home to get the exact time. However, the simple act of winding your watch to match your destination’s actual time can do wonders for jet lag.

Stay Fit and Focused

If time is available, fit in some exercise once you arrive at your destination. Exercise releases endorphins, which naturally improve your overall mood and help you sleep better. Jet lag affects you physically and emotionally, but exercise is proven to make your body feel btter. A daily jog on the hotel’s treadmill or a long walk around the city each morning will help clear your head, improve your mood, and increase your body’s circulation of blood, which will help you sleep better and prevent jet lag.

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Many people will need prescription medications to help them fall asleep when they have jet lag. Unfortunately, these medications are often more harmful than beneficial. However, natural supplements are available to induce sleepiness, even in people with jet lag. Consider packing a bottle of melatonin to take a few hours before your intended bedtime. Melatonin is a natural method to treat incomnia without any harmful side effects.

Jet lag is commoon, but it does not have to wreak hacoc on your life. With these simple solutions, you can prevent jet lag and enjoy your trip.

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