The Infamous Island of Jamaica

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The Infamous Island of Jamaica

After leaving the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life and land after your long flight to the Caribbean you will instantly start relaxing surround by this beautiful welcoming island. In Jamaica, you may often hear the phrase “Irie mon” that literally translates to everything is good. Over the years, it has become synonymous with the Jamaica beach experience. The year-round warm weather coupled with crystal clear waters adds to the unique island charm. A country of several roots considered a melting pot of races, Jamaica is enchanting not only because of its enchanting natural beauty but more so of its engaging island vibe and rich historical and cultural influences. It offers countless daily adventures whether in the waters, on land or up in the air that will leave an imprint of unforgettable memories in everyone. Not to mention, it is the largest English-speaking Island in the Caribbean.


The beachfront has been a surplus resorts, hotels and establishments making almost every beach experience as avibrant social occurrence. Jamaica beaches are flocked because of its natural beauty and easy accessibility. One of the most popular is Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios. This is a crescent-shaped long sandy beach of almost every variety of fun under the sun. Runaway Bay is another admired destination because it is a jump off point for scuba diving – a chance to marvel at the beauty of Jamaica under the sea. Doctor’s Cave and Walter Fletcher Beach is Montego Bay is flocked by thousands because of its long sandy stretches making it some of the most crowded beaches too. For a more tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio is hard to let by. Seven Mile Beach in Negril is the longest beach in the whole of Jamaica.

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Things to Do

Not too far from Jamaica resorts are the countless activities to partake when in this island paradise. For nature lovers, The Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park in Kingston are home to the majestic grandeur of the giant swallow butterfly and several other gifts of nature. Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios is a destination because of its majestic limestone formations and fun-filled canoeing, swimming and boating at the base of this 600-foot wonder. The National Heroes is the final resting place to some of the most important heroes of Jamaica. The Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay features furnishings that date as far back as the 1700’s. Brimmer Hall is home to a large banana and coconut plantation. Pole bamboo rafting in the Rio Grande River is awe-inspiring amidst a living and breathing rainforest. Indian relics and rare fossils in Nonsuch Caves and Atheny Gardens abound in this expanse. The Institute of Jamaica Museums is the dwelling of several collections of prints and books from the West Indies.


Montego Bay is the heart of Jamaica shopping – one of the Jamaica activities that is hard to miss. The most popular destinations are City Centre, Half Moon Shopping Village and Holiday Village Shopping Centre. However, what makes shopping even more unique is that haggling can become a favourite pastime of any tourist. Products ranging from local handicraft such as woven hats and even spices and clothing are some of the most highly bargained items.

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Eating and Drinking

Jamaica activities need not be confined to the beach or trips. Drinking and dining are equally enjoyable because Jamaica, after all, is the birthplace of Bob Marley and the heart of reggae music. For a truly authentic island dining experience, one should never miss the salt fish and ackee. Other must-try foods include rice and peas, pepperpot soups, rundown and jerk chicken. These foods are found in restaurants all over the country. Bars and calypso discos come to life at night. Jamaican rum is divine especially at Appleton’s at 40. Most towns and villages have street parties and steel bands to the tune of reggae, calypso, soca, jazz and other Caribbean music. Coffee from the Blue Mountains is among the best in the world. Other unforgettable drinks include ting and red stripe beer.

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