New York City Nightlife

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New York City Nightlife

New York is an exciting city that millions are people look forward to visiting each year. There are tons of things for tourists to see. Like most big metropolitan cities New York is a hot spot for amazing nightlife activities. New York has an array of nightlife spots that are bound to attract lots of different crowds. The natives and visitors of New York can frequently be found living it up the places below.


The only thing that will be a problem for club hoppers in New York is the issue of trying to narrow down where they will go. The Avenue club catches the attention of a lot of visitors that are star struck. This is a smaller club, but lots of celebrities choose to have parties in this area.

1 Oak

People that plan to dance the night away with professional athletes and musicians may be interested in visiting 1 Oak. This is another club that tends to attract a lot attention for the night scene in NY. A large part of this has to do with the fact that this club has a name that is known beyond New York City. There is also a 1 Oak in Las Vegas, Mexico City and Los Angeles.

New York Dolls

Another spot that is always filled is the New York Dolls Gentlemen’s Club. There are lots of big parties for the holidays, but this club backs a crowd on a regular basis. There are some VIP rooms and a private stage for people that are interested in parties.

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New York Dolls is late night treat for a lot of young single men that are new to the city. It is one of those clubs that gets a ton of visitors that are interested in getting a variety of entertainment in one setting. People that come here can get access to stage shows, 2 clubs and a bar all within the same spot.

Webster Hall

There are some clubs like Webster Hall that have different music acts almost every night of the week. Webster Hall is ideal for anyone that wants to see live music acts. This nightlife spot has different artists and DJs that keep patrons on the dance floor throughout the night. This club has a really cool vibe that is centered on themes. There is a House Party Night. There are also other themes like Bright Nites and high energy Girls and Boys theme nights.

The Beauty Bar

People that are looking for comedy and a different type of vibe may consider The Beauty Bar. This is a bar that has some wild and crazy comedians that people can check out while they partake in some of the best martinis that New York has to offer. The Beauty Bar is an old salon that has been converted into a cocktail bar. It is a spot that has a laid back vibe. People can come her to relax by getting a manicure and a martini for $10.

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