Romantic Getaways in the Scottish Highlands

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Romantic Getaways in the Scottish Highlands

While much of the attention of honeymoon writers is focused on palm trees and tropical white sand beaches (especially at this time of year), one must begin to look forward to the spring/summer season. Many of the happy couples that get married during the warmer months look to getaway to ruggedly beautiful places that are closer to the arctic than they are to the equator.

For these folks, the beauty of rocky coasts, hidden beaches with wild surf, remote islands with tall grass that moves like silk in the wind, and tall craggy mountains cuts to the core of their souls. If you and your partner are like this, then you may want to consider the Scottish Highlands for your impending honeymoon.

With tons of natural and historical attractions to keep you busy during the day, a setting that is very conducive to romance, and a countryside that is blessedly depopulated compared to many urban areas around the world. In this article, we will profile three romantic getaways in the Scottish Highlands that will get your marriage off to a roaring start. Check them out below and enjoy!

1. The Isle Of Skye

Cead mile failte (Gaelic for “A hundred thousand welcomes”) will be the greeting you’ll hear upon arrival at the Isle of Skye, where a full 30% of the population speaks the distinctive Celtic language that predominated before the emergence of English. This place is replete with wildlife, with red deer and gold eagles being found frequently through all corners of the island. Those looking for an isolated abode amongst the golden grasses of this special corner of Scotland can find it at places such as The Croft House, where a living room with fireplace will allow for many cuddling sessions as the chilly Scottish nights wear on outside, and the unspoiled beaches and massive cliffs outside will make for many days of active exploration.

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2. Durness

Those seeking some of the more striking sea beaches in Scotland will find them in the northern area of Durness. With the jagged rocks, heavy surf, brownish white sand, and water that glows blue green in places, it will be a getaway that brings you both closer than you ever have been in your life. Situated up in the hills above the shore, Croft 103 mixes a super-modern design with living spaces and sleeping quarters that have a close to 180 degree view of the dramatic coast outside, ensuring an amazing first trip as a married couple.

3. Braemar

Situated in the midst of the Cairngorm Mountains west of Aberdeen, Braemar mixes the charm of an old town with the moodiness of the Scottish Highlands. Additionally, Braemar castle, a stately fortification that used to serve as a stronghold during the Scottish uprising in the 18th century, gives you a centrepiece attraction to explore during the day, making the time you spend at a places such as Stuffer’s Cottage much more special, given its location beside a bucolic brook.

The Mists Of The Scottish Highlands Welcome You

For those tired of the tropical cliché when it comes to honeymoon getaways, the mountains of the Scottish Highlands offer a hearty rebuttal. With views that inspire, history that makes one think, and remoteness that makes a newly minted couple feel free, it surely should be a worthy contender for the location of your upcoming post-marital getaway!

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