6 Romantic Restaurants in Florence, Italy

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6 Romantic Restaurants in Florence, Italy

Florence is an Italian city and mesmerizing destination for honeymooners and all romantics alike. While there is a lot to be explored in this old city that has a long history and plenty of cultural tidbits to exude, the idyllic settings and pristine locales are what attract most newlyweds to this special city.

Italy is a country that is specifically well known for quite a few reasons but among them food is certainly one of the top three. Florence is one of the food capitals in Europe and if you are looking for romantic restaurants in the city then there is no dearth of them.

Every couple would have a distinct set of preferences and consequentially the list of favorites would vary as per personal tastes but here are a few romantic restaurants in Florence, Italy that should not be given a miss, especially on a honeymoon. If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet in Florence, websites such as Oh-Florence.com offer a great variety of options so yo can find the perfect place for this special stay.

IL Latini

The charm of this place will appease to every lovebird. When one blends in the settings with authentic Florentine cuisine then there can be very few better concoctions. Enjoy steaks, wines at the center of Florence. The nice mix of tourists, families and city people at this eatery will certainly please all and sundry.

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IL Pizzaiulo

Honeymoon is a time when one must leave all the hassles of life behind and enjoy some days without the mundane knocks on the door or the consistent obligations to meet standards of the society or decorum of a certain place. IL Pizzaiulo is the perfect place where you can drop in for a casual meal, some snacks or to simply cherish the Italian delights. Known for its pizza and the friendly setting, this place is a tourist favorite.

La Locanda Di Pietracupa

If you are honeymooning in Italy and especially in Florence, then you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on the countryside experience. Wining and dining in areas like Oltrarno can be a soothing and rejuvenating experience. You can also do some wine tasting while at the La Locanda Di Pietracupa.

Lungarno 23

While in Italy, pastas and pizzas can become a way of life but if you wish to go the American way and please your partner, then the organic burgers at Lungarno 23 are definitely worth a try.

Osteria Cafe Italiano

Whether Osteria Cafe Italiano is an ideal romantic restaurant is not a question. When a restaurant is iconic for locals and tourists alike then a visit to such a place is obligatory. Furthermore, there is authentic Tuscan cuisine to gorge on.

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The Loggia At Villa San Michele

The best should be saved for the last and this is where you may wish to go with your beloved. A fascinating location at Fiesole, an unprecedented romantic setting and good food make this an amazing choice to reiterate those vows.

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