Travelling Tips for Women Travellers

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Travelling Tips for Women Travellers

Taking a solo trip? Travelling alone means you have to take care and manage all things on your own. But what if a woman is travelling alone? There are many things which a woman has to keep in mind while travelling. Here are some useful travel tips for solo women travelers.

  1. Keep a copy of all your documents like passport, credit cards separate and secure place. Don’t keep all your money at same place and carry a bag to keep your belongings.
  2. Dress up as the local people have dressed up themselves. Don’t look like a center of attraction.
  3. Be alert and aware about your surroundings. If you feel that you are being followed, then step into any store or some safe place and wait till that person pass. Move out only when you are sure about your safety. If not, call for help from nearby people or call your hotel assistance.
  4. Be confident about what you are doing or where you are going. Don’t seem as an easy target. Before leaving your hotel, ask your hotel staff for directions which will prevent you going at unsafe places.
  5. Be in regular touch with your family and friends. They should know where are you and where you are about to go.
  6. Last but not the least, use common precarious like, not walking alone late night, not drinking and dining with unknown persons, not going alone at lonely places and you should know how to use public phones. Avoid talking to strangers and telling them where you are going. Don’t compromise your safety with money.
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Best Destination for Solo Women Travellers

Choosing a vacation destination for women is both easy and hard because there are so many amazing women travel destinations but for a solo women traveller choices will also depend on safety of the place. So, here are the top three vacation spots for solo women travellers.

Amsterdam: The renowned jewel of Europe is known to be a comfortable spot for a vacation. Language will not be problem as English is a widely spoken language which makes it convenient for going around and asking for directions and suggestions. The City also offers safe and easy transport service and when it comes to the attractions, you have so much to explore. Check out the stunning seventeenth century canals. Visit the illustrious Madame Tussauds, and dig out the hidden secrets of diamond cutting at Coster and Gassan Diamonds. Do not miss to check The Nine Little Streets which is known for its unique picturesque site. Amsterdam also provides options for great shopping experience because of its many boutiques and retails.

Paris: Talking about Paris! It’s a dream destination for women and why won’t it be after all it has some of the most amazing attractions, world-class shopping and romantic restaurants. Check out places like the Louvre Museum, Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre Dame Cathedral and world famous Eiffel Tower. If you are foodie the just explore city which is lined up with variety of street side cafes, patisseries, bistros and brilliant baguettes. For shopping, get footloose in its world class shopping areas including the Les Halles, Rue de Rivoli, Palais Royal, place des Victoires, Passage de Grand Cerf and Place Vendome.

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Chicago: Another attractive destination for solo bag packers is Chicago. The city is known for its hip lifestyle and can be an ideal vacation spot for women travellers. Chicago is a great expression of natural beauty and its town culture attracts traveller’s world over. One of the main bait is the world-class shopping opportunities the city has to offer.

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